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A Slum School in Pakistan using Solar Energy

A slum school in Faisalabad, Pakistan is dedicated for the unprivileged children and is run by a renowned young social activist Rohayl Varind. He started this project in January and a number of kids acquire education here.  They are not only taught basic education but also etiquette and basic ethics with free books, food bags and stationary.

This Ramadan Rohayl faced lots of problems to carry his great project. In this scorching heat it’s extremely tough for the teachers and students to perform their duties while fasting, and at night it’s too dark to teach as there was lack of equipment.

At this tough situation and time Aseefa Bhutto Zardari daughter of late Benazir Bhutto came to his help. She was very impressed by the young lad’s struggle, dedication and commitment for humanity so she gifted various solar equipment to his school to help them to conduct classes at night.

With 20 solar lights, 10 solar fans and 10 solar panels and inverter batteries now classes are resumed at night time after iftar. Because of this the number of students has increased. Most of the students are from labor class which work at day and study at night. Rohayl has intended to hold 30 iftars for the people at his slum school.

It’s indeed a great initiative by this young man and if all think the way he does we can really change our country.

Rohayl Varind expressed:

“I would prefer if people buy a board and a market themselves and start teaching unprivileged kids around them, like their maids, the security guards, their children, and so on.”


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