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CPEC has driven Chinese Students to Learn Urdu!

With the advent of CPEC, many Chinese students have become inclined towards learning the national language of Pakistan “Urdu” The subject has gained immense popularity amongst them as they are learning it with the expectations of capitalizing on the opportunities which the project is said to bring about. While CPEC is the primary motivator for many to learn Urdu in China, a number of students are learning the language to run their own businesses in China such as import export with Pakistan.

With the rising demand of students interested in learning the language, many universities have set up Urdu Language Departments. The pioneers of launching the Urdu Language Department was Peking University, they set up the department back in 1951. Subsequent to that, many other universities in Guangzhou and Xuan followed its footsteps

One of the leading universities of China, Beijing Foreign Studies University has been imparting the Urdu language classes since 2007. In order to polish the language of skills of the students, they also send the students to National University of Modern Languages (NUML) and Government College University (GCU) based in Pakistan. The students are sent to these institutions during the third year of their education program, which provides them with ample opportunity to get hands on learning. The typical duration the program is 6 months in which they are trained to speak and write Urdu proficiently.

For the same purpose financial support is also provided to the university by Pakistan’s embassy in Beijing and the government as well. Several cultural and speech competitions are also arranged at the university to enhance the learning experience of the Chinese students. Through such events they are easily acquainted with the local culture and trends of Pakistan.

However, other than getting hands on the work opportunities related to CPEC, many students have bright prospects for working in different companies based in Pakistan and other foreign countries where the language would come handy for them. But for now CPEC is in the limelight for attracting the Chinese student population towards learning Urdu at large scale.

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