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China wants prosperity in Pakistan: Ambassador Sun

China wants to see Pakistan prosper and as an economically strong country said the outgoing Chinese Ambassador Sun Weidong at his farewell ceremony arranged by the Punjab Government. Punjab Chief minister, Chinese Ambassador and Chinese consul general also cut a cake to celebrate the 68th National Day of China. Chinese Ambassador said at the occasion that Pakistan-China friendship is time-tested and China would continue to support and stand by Pakistan at all the international level.

LAHORE –  Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Sun Wiedong has said China wants to see Pakistan as an economically strong and prosperous country and it will continue to cooperate with it.

CPEC, a landmark project reflecting deep and strong bonds of friendship between China and Pakistan, has reached the stage of benefiting Pakistan, Sun said at a farewell ceremony organised by the government of Punjab before his departure to China. Sun worked as Chinese ambassador to Pakistan for 10 years. The ceremony at a hotel here on Thursday was also meant to celebrate 68th National Day of China.

Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif, Chinese ambassador, Chinese consul general in Lahore and ministers cut a cake to celebrate the occasion. The gathering was graced by parliamentarians, diplomats, senior diplomats, senior media persons and elite of the town.

The Chinese ambassador said that Pakistan-China friendship was time-tested. He said that China would continue to support and stand by Pakistan at the international level. He said that China was on way to a new kind of relationship at the global level wherein mutual cooperation and wellbeing held the key. He said that China strongly wanted Pakistan’s independence, sovereignty and dignity to remain intact and it would continue to support Pakistan in this regard.

Sun said that Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif had been making his best efforts to make CPEC a reality. He praised Shehbaz for the speed with which he was completing development projects in Punjab. He said that work on CPEC was moving forward quickly.

He mentioned the Sahiwal coal power plant that was completed in 22 months. This speed goes in China by the name of Punjab Speed, which is now Pakistan Speed, he said. He lauded Shehbaz for cementing Pakistan-China relations and providing protection to Chinese engineers working on various projects in the province. He said he received immense love and hospitality during his service in Pakistan and he would never forget it.

Separately, Sun had a special sitting with Pakistan’s top columnists, experts and senior journalists, including Mujeebur Rehman Shami, Salim Bokhari, Hafeez Ullah Niazi and others at a hotel here on Thursday.

The sitting was arranged by special envoy to the prime minister on CPEC Zafar Ahmed.

The Chinese ambassador said that his country’s president visited Pakistan in 2015 and strengthened friendship between the two countries at all levels. “China has become a trade partner of Pakistan and it has made its biggest investment in Pakistan in last three years. Twenty thousand Pakistani students are getting education at institutions of China and China has awarded five thousand scholarships to Pakistani students,” he said.

The Chinese ambassador said that Pakistan and China had entered a new era after CPEC and one belt and one road projects would give a high momentum to Pakistan’s economy. “The CPEC project, which was started from an initial stage by top leadership of both countries, is now in implementation phase. Similarly, China has started nineteen mega projects in Pakistan that are in the pipeline,” Sun said.

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