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Meet Pakistani Genius World Record Winner

Pakistan’s Guinness World Record-maker, Abdul Basit, has made another record. He has reclaimed his earlier title by beating the fastest time to identify all segments of the periodic table.

An MBA from IBA, Abdul Basit, now resides in Dubai and teaches at an American institute. He is a memory whiz with knack for mental calculations.  In addition, he as his own YouTube channel titled NumberTainment, where he instructs how to master the numbers.

“I am happy that Allah SWT has made something that, people dream of getting once in a lifetime, easy for me.”

His first record was broken earlier in 2017 by Dipesh Bhandari in Kathmandu, Nepal, who set a new record time of 2 min 46.5 seconds. Abdul Basit made up his mind to try once more and regain his title.

“Whenever this record is broken, I’ll take my title back.”

Abdul Basit tried to reclaim his record now and finally got the Guinness World Records with with the new record time of 2 min 37 seconds by Abdul Basit, making this his third successful record attempt in consecutively.

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