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Mushahid Hussain rejects impression China will occupy Pakistan through CPEC

While speaking at the third CPEC media forum in the capital city, Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed has rejected the false impression that China will make Pakistan its colony through the CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor). Less than 20,000 Chinese nationals were working in Pakistan, he stated. He also stated that China and its companies were running 300 projects in Pakistan and 9,000 Chinese were working on CPEC related projects while 10,000 on non-CPEC.

“The fact is no country is willing to invest in Pakistan the way China has been doing. Moreover, China has made investments across the country without differentiation of provinces and its people”.

He added that some elements are spreading rumors that China will dominate Pakistan through the CPEC. These ideas were just being used because of the shift of balance of power from West to East since China is emerging as a global power, he added. He noted that China has helped 700 million people get out of below poverty to above poverty line. He also added that Beijing has never displayed aggression against any country.

He said about about US official’s statement that CPEC was passing via a disputed territory that Pakistan had built Mangla Dam in the same location with the help of American around 50 years back.

“The fact is Gwadar Port has become functional just because of China and coal-run and other power plants are contributing 4,000MW of electricity to the national grid system. Within 10 years, a number of small industries will be shifted from China and Pakistan should grab the opportunity to have the industrial units. We can also utilise other opportunities.”

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