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Challenges being faced by CPEC

CPEC is a landmark of a candid collaboration and profound connection that exists since ages between Pakistan and China.  In order track the successful and smooth advancement of China Pakistan Economic Corridor CPEC, both countries Pakistan and China are not only working hard for their mutual economic development but also continuously cooperating diligently with each other at their diverse political and strategic fronts.

The central focus under CPEC is to establish an infrastructure for port, highways as well as energy development. This project has been welcomed very positively by both of the countries and the development initiatives taken under CPEC would further strengthen their mutual relations as well as their strategic national policies. CPEC holds a great potential through which both countries would be able to interpret their political and diversified economic collaboration to gain the brilliant results.

One of the major challenges that should be seriously considered by the government is to provide complete security to this mega project which is of course in favor of both countries. The CPEC position should be understood in the wider perspective of China’s strategic benefits and challenges given by America. China might decide to move west and may widen its strategic zone.

Pakistan’s position is like a bridge between south Asia, Central Asia and China so strategically it holds great importance.  If the stability and security of the country is improved only then the China would be able to use its loud influence in these regions. So ensuring security is the core.

Both countries have a firm belief that the economic development will help in stabilizing Pakistan that will lead it to improve security condition. Pakistan had promised to put all efforts to ensure the security of Chinese nationals working under CPEC.

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