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A symposium under CPEC was organized to connect the gap between the academia and industry

According latest news, a symposium on “Transnational Industry Academia Partnership” was conducted by The Millennium University College at TMUC Auditorium Islamabad. It was held to bond the gap present between academia and the industry. The renowned speakers attended the symposium. Prominent among them present at this occasion were Mustafa Hyder Sayed Executive Director Pakistan China Institute, Partner KPMG Riaz Pesnani, Head of Talent Acquisition and Employability Affan Ejaz and VEON.

Mustafa Hyder, while speaking at the occasion said that CPEC is going to involve the agriculture as well as establishment of SEZ’s (Special Economic Zones). Therefore, Pakistan needs to put a wide research to sharpen its skills and competencies to get the maximum benefit from the emerging opportunities because of the mega project.

Association of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ACCA) acted as Knowledge partner in this symposium. The main speech was done by Riaz Pesnani from KPMG, said that the present generation of professional accountants should acquire those essential skills that could transform them into the ‘change agents’ to play their part as Millennials.

During the symposium all of the speakers mainly focused on the fact that the industry and the academia of the country share a mutually beneficial relationship. The institutes play a vital role as they produce the professionals which are employed and involved by the industry.  The initiative of organizing such kind of symposium is instrumental in bringing new ideas by bringing the top professionals together to hold discussions on the potential research plans that further develop sustainable growth and success in the international economy.

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