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Invigorating the CPEC

According to a latest report, Asian Development Bank has issued an evaluation report about the power sector of Pakistan. The report tells that ADB has already told that the CPEC would cause increased gas emissions that would further change climatic conditions and degradation of environment at large.

According to an estimate by Pakistan’s Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform around 7560 mw capacity coal plants would be established under CPEC power projects. In this scenario while attaining the economic growth at the cost of climatic degradation is a big challenge faced by the many developing as well as developed countries like the US. However, ADB as being the subsidiary of World Bank and IMF as being its funding entity,  has to be aligned with US interests as well. Therefore, it is important to get an objective appraisal. It is absolutely incorrect to blame Pakistan being responsible for the global climate change. Rather it contributes only 0.43% of the worldwide gas emissions. However we can say that Pakistan is among 10 most susceptible countries for climate change. Since Pakistan holds vast coal reserves and is facing energy issues, the formation of power plants in inevitable.


Report further highlighted that Pakistan should fulfill its power needs from renewable resources by enhancing its institutional and technical workforce. And being seriously considerate for climatic change, the renewable resources of Balochistan and KPK and KPK are sufficient to export the equipment and technology and fulfill the domestic power needs also. Pakistan and China together should cooperate in the investment of renewable energy resources.

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