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Linking CPEC with Shanghai Cooperation Organization Permitted Routes has been offered by PM Pakistan


According to latest news, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, The PM of Pakistan said that Pakistan should support Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) for its efforts focused to link CPEC with the SCO’s 6 approved routes. PM Offered this initiative would improve the vitality for linking China, Russia and Eurasian region with the Arabia Sea.

The General Secretary SCO acknowledged the active participation of Pakistan in SCO. He said that SCO has emerged as a regional and across continent organization which is playing a many-sided role in the world of politics. PM Shahid Khaqan while talking to SCO’s Secretary General Rashid Alimov he said that after getting the membership of SCO this is the first time Secretary General has visited himself in Pakistan. As we already know that Pakistan gained membership of SCO in 2017 that groups Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan and India.

He promised to render his full support for the multiple influential initiatives like the establishment of SCO development Bank, SCO’s initiative on Small and Medium Enterprises SCO Business Council, SCO Interbank Consortium and SCO Development Fund.

The Prime Minister conveyed his full support for the SCO Regional Anti-Terrorism Structure as well.  He said that Pakistan extremely against separatism, terrorism and terrorism.

Khanqan Abbasi further recapped that Pakistan is fully determined to show its commitment for “Shanghai Spirit” as Pakistan and China both share a common goal of common development through equality, mutual benefit, diversity and mutual consultation.

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