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CPEC is solely an economic project: Hua Chunying

According to latest news, spokesman from Chinese Foreign Ministry Hua Chunying said that China Pakistan Economic Corridor is solely an economic project which does not include the issues of territorial disagreements against any third part. The spokesman stated:


“China has clarified its position on many occasions and I will not repeat it here,”


While answering to a question regarding Indian ambassador to China’s interview given to “Global Times” he said that CPEC is more related to bilateral bonding between the two countries. The conflicts between any two countries need flexibility and honesty from both sides in order to enhance mutual trust and understanding through peaceful dialogue.


The spokesman further added by saying:

“In the spirit of equality and mutual respect to resolving the issues, I hope that India will treat this issue objectively,”


While speaking about the border issues between China and India he said:


“Donglong belongs to China and has always been under China’s effective jurisdiction. China has made it clear that it will continue to exercise its sovereignty rights in the important area in accordance with the stipulations of historical conventions and unswervingly safeguard its own territorial sovereignty.”


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