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The aspects of capacity building in Pakistan under the CPEC

In this article we will have a look at the impacts of technological development under the CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) via setting up Information Technology (IT) Parks in Pakistan.


In the recent times there has been huge technological progress in the world of computing and telecommunications. We have seen great impact of this technological development on society as well as policymaking.


Pakistan holds a vital position in China’s OBOR (one belt one road initiative) in which CPEC has various infrastructure projects having value of around 62 billion across Pakistan. CPEC projects can bring notable transformations at various levels in the country including social, economic as well as financial.


IT plays a vital role in lessening the distance that has potential to resolve a number of issues pertaining to intellectual property rights, economic productivity, privacy, protection, as well as affordability of and information access.



Nowadays, the geographical distribution of work is altering to a huge extent like industries can outsource their the needs of their manufacturing to other countries. Telecommunications have a vital role in marketing, research and development. In addition, technology can enable the people of both countries to take advantage from each other in a number of kinds of work.


By means of various different industrial parks and information tech parks under CPEC, the country can enjoy additional freedom to firms to locate their economic activities. In addition, Pakistan can also create more competition among regions in areas like capital, infrastructure, labour, as well as other resource markets.


Besides, social interaction in organisations will get better by use of computers and communication technologies that favours telecommuting, as well. That is why it has implications for the residence styles of people. Since workers discover that they carry out most of their work at home instead of a centralised workplace, the demand for homes would increase in regions that are climatically and physically attractive.


Other than the industry, IT plays a great role in the educational sector as well, which can effect teaching. For example, the work of a teacher is like a supplier of services to the students that may be considered as his customers. However, a reliable instructor can play an important role. He can motivate, encourage, evaluate and also develop learners.

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