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CPEC to lead Pakistan towards prosperity and stability

CPEC is a part of OBOR, the old belt that could bind 65 countries of Central Asia, Europe and Africa to enjoy mutual economic prosperity. This project is the first step of the journey towards economic regionalization which will allow the region to have peace, development and growth of economy. Other than Pakistan and China, other countries in the region will also benefit from the positive outcomes of the project. These include Iran, Afghanistan, Central Asian Republics and more.

Baron Ferdinand von Richthofen was the first one who invented the Silk Road back in 1877. It has been used as a metaphor of interchange of cultures and trade between Asia and Europe.

It offered all kinds of creative exchange between diverse peoples and cultures. The significance of  the Silk Road thus cannot be denied for Pakistan as well. It is to lead Pakistan towards progress and sovereignty, so if a part of the people of the country do not feel positive about this project it is not something of importance.

Being a developing country, road infrastructure is imperative for Pakistan. In the same way, CPEC Energy Projects are vital as they can make up for the Energy Crises in the country.

In addition, the mega project is also a Source of Utilization of Unutilized Resources of Pakistan. Pakistan is rich in natural resources such as wind power, swift flow of water, deep water of Gwadar as well as there is sufficient labor. Under the CPEC all these resources are to be utilized in the best possible way.

CPEC by all means is to benefit Pakistan. Those who are holding the other view about the project need to look deeper.

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