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China plans to introduce electric cars in Pakistan

According to the latest news, JAC Motors, a Chinese automobile company is planning to introduce electric cars in Pakistan. The Deputy Chief Economic Manager David Zhang verfied this news and also showed confidence in Pakistan’s present  situation.

JAC Motors is confident that the economy of the country is thriving now and things can further improve with better infrastructure. As there is a much price cut in electric cars and it looks like an affordable alternative for Pakistanis, the Chinese firm wishes make the most of this market gap and provide the first ever electric cars here.

David Zhang said:

“We are planning to introduce new energy vehicles particularly electric cars in the Pakistani market under a long-term development programme in the future. With more improvement in the economy and fundamental structure ready, we will have an opportunity to take our electric car into Pakistani market. The performance of our products in the local market has been very good and we will expand our lines of production from medium to heavy-duty trucks in near future.”


The firm has established a factory to locally manufacture trucks already. It is  exporting products like light and mini trucks to Pakistan. Thanks to the friendship between China and Pakistan that has provided the autmomobile company with this  opportunity to bring investment to Pakistan under the CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor).


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