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Security needs to be improved at Khunjerab Pass for CPEC

According to a recent report, the Khunjerab Pass is of great importance under the CPEC. The Pass plays a vital role to carry out two-sided trade and cooperation and for the development of the mega project.

CPEC spreads above 3000 kms of a wide network of rail and roads for the bilateral trade. Therefore, it is highly important that the inspection unit at Khunjerab Pass should be highly watchful about the terrorists and drug dealers activities who struggle to enter China.

According to an estimate provided by the Chief of Khunjerab Customs Cao Lei the volume of bilateral trade carried out through Khunjerab Pass has been 3.7 billion yuan.

The chief of Khunjerab Immigration Inspection Station Wang Xianlei has said that improving the security and proper inspection at this Pass plays a vital role to safeguard the security of CPEC as it is a doorway to immense bilateral trade between Pakistan and China.

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