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Gwadar has to be top beneficiary of the mega project (CPEC): Bhootani

According to the latest report,  Aslam Bhootani, Balochistan Assembly’s former speaker, stated that people of Gwadar must by all means be the ones to get the greatest benefit from CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor). He made this statement while speaking at an election event.


Gwadar holds great strategic significance since it had a deep seaport, he stated. Many world powers were making efforts to make disturbance in the region considering CPEC something not in favor of their interests.


He noted that the people Gwadar have pinned high hopes from this project. However, till now they have not gained much from it, he added.


“Even the people of the port city were deprived of drinking water. We will not allow anyone to turn Gwadar into another Dera Bugti. If I get elected, the people of Gwadar would be my first priority.”


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