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It is time to prepare the Youth for CPEC

According to experts, CPEC is likely to generate 700,000 job opportunities for Pakistani youth in the near future. It has already generated 20,000 direct and 60,0000 indirect jobs.

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) buzz is all around. Pakistanis are getting familiar with what it is all about with every passing day. The country’s political and economic arena is also revolving around it. All are hoping that CPEC will bring economic prosperity, which would in turn help us enjoy peace and security.

CPEC is also a huge gateway to job opportunities and entrepreneurship – all that has a lot of attraction for the youth. However, is Pakistan prepared to include its youth to its supply-side? Is the youth prepared to become a quality human resource in order to make the most of this opportunity?

CPEC aims at energy, infrastructure, rail-based mass transit projects, new provincial projects, proposed special economic zones and social sector development projects. At the moment, it is imperative to unfold CPEC for spreading among Pakistan’s young to discover their social, economic and technical connections with it. Like energy projects range from Port Qasim Electric Coal Fired Project to Karot hydropower station, Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab. New provincial projects will comprise Keti Bunder Sea Port Development Project, Chitral-CPEC link road from Gilgit, Shandor, Chitral to Chakdara and Quetta Water Supply Scheme from Pat Feeder canal. There are also special economic zone that entail Dhabeji, Bostan Industrial Zone and Moqpondass SEZ Gilgit-Baltistan.

In addition, there are other developments such as the East-Bay Expressway, Pak-China friendship hospital, Gwadar University, international airport, construction of breakwaters, upgradation and development of fishing and more. Social sector development projects that include people-to-people exchanges will result in the transfer of knowledge in various domains.

The promo of CPEC visualizes not just job opportunities but services development, preparation of small businesses, opening up of new locally registered Chinese companies, joint ventures of public-private partnerships, boosting productivity and lifting exports. To maximize the benefits of youth employment and entrepreneurship it is must to make them ready as a quality human resource having technical skills and soft tools like the social impact of the economy and understanding socioeconomic factors by Chinese presence.

It is just the right time to equip youngsters with these skills and curricula, teach Chinese, train teachers, provide higher education with tools like social sciences peer-review journals, qualitative educational standards and economic employment inclusive of social entrepreneurship that will ultimately link a well-prepared youth to the new era of economy.


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