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China stressed on modernizing the military with new technology

According to a report, the Chinese President Xi Jinping in his meeting with women and servicemen, he greatly stressed that the military should be modernized with the new technological developments.  This meeting was held before the beginning of Lunar New Year. It is high time for Chinese leaders as they make inspection trips across the country and take important policy initiatives for the coming year.

The President Xi Jinping has stressed to upgrade China’s military forces as a key part of their national policy by financing and investing in acquiring a wide range of new technology like aircraft carriers, missiles, and stealth fighters.

While launching a satellite in southwest China, President Xi said to the senior officers that they should show more commitment to developing aerospace by creating “Chinese miracles”. The President further reiterated on importance of technological advancement and said:

“Noting that technology was a core combat capability and intensified work to make breakthroughs in core and key technologies so that China could take the initiative in international competition.”

As we know that China claims a large strip of South China Sea, the military up gradations is on a rise. It is including the development of military infrastructure.


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