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Pakistan’s image has been revived due to the ‘on-arrival tourist visa’ offer

Pakistan has been facing a negative image in the international media because of its security issues and its law and order situation in the past.

In order to promote tourism in the country, Pakistan is looking at the opportunities to grab the attention of the international tourists.  So the government has announced to offer  30-days visas to be issued at the time of arrival to the international tourists coming from Canada, China, South Korea, Malaysia, Germany, France, Portugal, Norway, Iceland, Belgium, Greece, Netherlands, Finland, Italy, Denmark, Austria, Singapore, Sweden, Spain, US & the UK.

This on-arrival visa offer will certainly grab a huge attention of the world tourists as it will save their time. This will also convey and a warm welcome message to the international tourists.

The former Chairman Travel Agents Association, Yahya Polani stated:

“As the situation on the ground is not as bad as in people’s minds abroad, the government needs to work on portraying its positive image. We have never worked to improve our image in the world.”

On arrival visa offers will cause a substantial increase in the international tourists coming to Pakistan that will further bring a noticeable change in the aviation industry of Pakistan in multiple dimensions.

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