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US General: CPEC could serve as stabilizing, profit-generating project in region

US CENTCOM Chief General Joseph Votel recently stated that The Road and Belt Initiative (BRI) including the CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) could be a reliable and consistent source of bringing stabilized profits to the US.

Votel expressed his views in a hearing that was held before the Congress Armed Committee. During that hearing, the Chief General explained the wider perspective and strategy of BRI including the issues of terrorism issues and national interests of the US.

He further explained the strategy of the BRI project that China is actually strengthening the infrastructure, trade, political bonding and defense all across Central Asia and the Middle East.

“Its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), which includes the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), could serve as a stabilizing, profit-generating project in the region, but it could also improve China’s military posture”.

By doing this China is basically planning a long-term and stable economic development that could strengthen its global influence and the accessibility to the much-required energy sources.

While talking about CPEC, he said that by providing infrastructure, China is already getting accessibility to Gwadar Port which is a clear sign of a solid China’s strategic existence in the Indian Ocean.

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