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Yao Jing: In its ‘new era’, China to take CPEC construction to the next level

According to a latest report, Chinese Ambassador Yao Jing stated that in the coming ‘new era’, the relation between Pakistan and China have ushered in new opportunities for more development.

China is keen to work with Pakistan in order to advance the construction of the mega project, he added. It will help in common development and prosperity, and will also help to play an exemplary role in building a community with a shared future for all, he noted.

“Every year in March, China holds the ‘two sessions’, which are major events in the political life of the Chinese people, and important forms of socialist democracy with Chinese characteristics. They are also important windows for the outside world to understand China’s development.”

While attending the ‘Two Sessions’ of China’s top legislature, he stated that the annual meetings of the 13th National People’s Congress (NPC) and the 13th Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) have just reached its end.

This year’s ‘sessions’ have got special attention in China as well as outside due to the fact that this year is critical for the development in China, he noted.

“This year’s ‘two sessions’ carry the important task of planning China’s future development, and have a positive impact on China and the world.”

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