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The rise of Chinese restaurants in Pakistan

In the recent times, we can see a huge influx of Chinese nationals across Pakistan. Go to a restaurant or a pharmacy you will surely get to see a Chinese or two with a bright smile and friendly disposition.

While first the number was limited to CPEC projects, now due to the fast developments taking place under the mega project, we can see people to people connectivity calling for local restaurants to come up with Chinese food.

That is not all. We can also see a massive influx of Chinese restaurants for fulfilling the requirements of Chinese nationals who are in Pakistan for CPEC projects and other who are visiting the country to enjoy the various attractions of Pakistan or for trade.

According to the Capital Development Authority,  there are about 15 Chinese restaurants in the city. Of these almost 12 opened after 2013.

As per the trend, we are sure to see more and more Chinese restaurants for good. So if you have been wondering to start a new business, setting up a Chinese restaurant can be your best bet!

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