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Pak-China cultures booming thanks to CPEC!

According to the latest report, the Chinese Embassy, China Cultural Centre, and Innovations in Culture and Creativity in Europe is to organize a Chinese music concert at the Pakistan National Council of Arts. It will take place on May 11.

Pak-China relationship has been getting stronger thanks to the CPEC.

‘Moonlight Over the Spring River’ is the title of the concert that will feature artists of China Opera and Dance-Drama Theatre who will delight the audiences with their performance. perform.

It is one of the most famous Chinese traditional works of melody. It had been popular for years since 1875. ‘PNCA’ will host the event.

Special Performances will be held by the artists who mersmerize people with traditional Chinese Bamboo flute music.

If you are interested in being the part of this event you can get the tickets online on their official website or you can get your hands on the tickets at the concert venue.

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