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CPEC will make Asia master of its own destiny: Sherry

Sherry Rehman, the leader of the Opposition in the Senate, recently stated that high-level contacts and cooperation between Pakistan and China at multiple levels show that both countries attach high importance to bilateral relations and are keen to develop their relations even more so that they can have mutual benefit. She made this statement while talking to Chinese Ambassador Yao Jing Ambassador.

Pakistan and China had a history of friendship that is built by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Mao Tes-tung, she added. China and Pakistan had stood by one another and this historic friendship had remained useful at economic as well as strategic level. She also said that initiatives such as BRI and CPEC have added even more significance  to bilateral relations between Pakistan and China.

It was evident that Asia was rising and that its people require to be the master of their own fate, controlling their own resources and harnessing the huge economic potential of a continent that is well connected, she noted. Sherry also said that BRI by China will connect one ocean to another having economic power and infrastructure across Euro-Asia.

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