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Pakistan is to establish its own Space Centre

According to a recent news report the Government of Pakistan is to establish its own space centre: Pakistan Space Centre (PSC) for the manufacturing and development of its own satellite programs. Under PSC, Pakistan will carry out its space satellite programs in accordance with the set international standards in the coming future.

In order to achieve this objective, the country has completed feasibility reports of two of its space satellite projects. The one project is ‘Pakistan Remote Sensing Satellite 02 (PRSS-02) with the ‘sub meter’ resolution image capture proficiency. The second project is ‘Pakistan Navigation Satellite System’ (PakNav) which will provide “independent satellite navigation” service for both strategic and civilian needs.

The first project was expected to launch by China in March 2108, which is delayed. However it is believed to be launched in 2018. The launch of this project will be a stepping stone for Pakistan to step forward in space development.

In this viewpoint, Pakistan and China both have just agreed to launch PakSat Multi-Mission Satellite (PakSat-MM1) which will function as a communication satellite that will provide Direct-to-Home (DTH) services and will serve a commercial role as well.

In the long run, Pakistan is planning to sign an agreement with China Great Wall Industry Corporation for “gap filler satellite” which will circle in the planned orbital location of PakSat-MM1. It is said that Pakistan and China both will equally share the cost of launch, production and operations of these satellite missions.

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