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‘Dai slow-wheel pottery’ technique is preserving beautifully the Chinese ancient tradition

Pottery has been a core part of living for generations. It is one of the ancient arts. History reveals that the ancient remains found in China links them 20,000 years ago making China to have the most ancient civilization of the world. The pottery remains found by the archeologists linked them back to China’s Neolithic Era which existed between 10,000 and 2,000 BCE. Comprehending that how those olden people used make pottery is a not too sure.

To reveal the mystery deeply hidden, since 1950s the archeologists kept making efforts for searching evidences from their present art of pottery.

Xishuangbanna is a distant area close to China’s border with Vietman and located in the southwest China still preserves the ancient art of pottery even today. This region is economically and culturally detached from the surrounded areas since many years.

30% of Xishuangbanna people are Dai. The ancient people used to make pots for cooking, holding and boiling water, preparing for medicines and used them for many purposes. Dai people still use today the earthenware pots to cook, hold water, plant flowers and decorating their homes. The mixture used in ‘slow-wheel Dai’  technique of pottery  absorbs the water impurities also.

Xishuangbanna’s Menglong County extended invitation to the practitioners of Dai style pottery in 2016 to educate and trained their teachers for this ancient handicraft. One of the teachers Shi explained this experience as

“We did this with a very simple purpose, to let kids know more about the art and feel it deeply by practicing step by step”.

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