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Load-shedding over in Islamabad thanks to CPEC: Chinese Envoy

According to a new report, H.E Jing, the Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan, said that they have started receiving the paybacks of China Economic Corridor in the form of reduced power shortage particularly in Islamabad. He told that the load-shedding has been substantially reduced to almost zero in Islamabad.

The Chinese Ambassador stated:

“Load shedding in 2013 was 7 to 8 hours, and now there is no load-shedding in Islamabad and the credit goes to CPEC”.

H.E Jing highlighted that the major six energy plants have been completed under the CPEC umbrella which is helping Pakistan to overcome its power shortage crisis. He further added:

“CPEC is the guarantor of prosperity not only in Pakistan but the entire region and all the Central Asian countries will be benefited from it”.


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