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CPEC to enhance communication system

Balochistan Minister for Transport Mir Mohammad Umar Khan Jamali on Monday said Pakistan China Economic Corridor Project (CPEC) was going to build up an efficient transport and communication system.
He said the system would not only have a positive influence on mobility of products, trade stimulation, extension of markets, increase in employment, but would also support spread of education as well increase social welfare and help in stability of prices.

He expressed these views while talking to “APP” that It’s amazing that tomorrow’s small fishing village ‘Gwadar’ is fast emerging as a Deep Sea Port today. The minister said that Gwadar Port holds pivotal position in CPEC project, beginning trade via Gwadar port would provide more employment opportunities to citizens and would also increase the volume of trade and boost economy.

The minister also said that Gwadar port is an important asset of our country. It was destined to play a vital part in the economic development of our homeland.

The minister said that Balochistan’s geography must be utilized to make it independent economically.
He has quoted, “Gwadar city links the three major regions i.e. South Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East. It will promote tourism and overseas investment to create employment opportunities for Baluchistan province and would help it grow economically”.


News Source: Pak Observer

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