The China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), currently under development at a cost of $46 billion, aims at developing Pakistani infrastructure and deepening economic and political ties between China and Pakistan. CPEC is beneficial to Pakistan, but it also has major geopolitical and economic advantages for China.

The assertions depict that the CPEC is also giving the lead to the military power of China in the Indian and the Pacific Ocean to a reasonable extend. The 2020 Pentagon report on China’s military strength also reveals that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has exceeded the US military in terms of navy capacity, land-based missiles, and advanced air defense systems. The Beijing Economic Policy chapter states that China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects concentrate on pipelines and port construction that would “decrease China’s dependency on transporting energy resources through strategic hubs such as the strait of Malacca” etc.

Launched in 2013, OBOR seeks to foster closer economic integration with countries along China’s outskirts and beyond, thereby shaping the preferences of these countries in line with the Beijing agenda, adds the paper. The report states that OBOR also aims to foster regional stability in order to repel criticism of China’s approach to issues that it considers to be crucial. The Pentagon argues that the expansion of China’s global economic footprint also makes its interests more vulnerable to domestic political changes in involved nations. In 2019, Beijing hosted the Second Belt and Road Forum to discuss growing international concern about corruption, debt, environmental sustainability, and lack of transparency over OBOR projects.

The research argues and asserts that China is also aiming to at least double the number of nuclear warheads in its inventory over the next decade. The Pentagon predicts that “Beijing will attempt to build an army by mid-century that is equal or, in some cases, superior to the US Army, or to any other great power that China sees as a challenge.” CPEC may be a game-changer for China as well because as it is providing strategic hegemony, easy trade, and an alliance to cope with the foes and for that purpose, China shall also increase the inventory and numbers to challenge the emerging world. When the USA formed ascendancy over the Europe through Bretton Wood system and the Great Martial Plan, that was considered a benchmark by the world. CPEC maybe increasing China’s number of the military but that is not the only aim of CPEC.

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