China-Pakistan Economic corridor is a multi-continental vast project that will pave way for huge trade and a strong military alliance that is very important in the contemporary world. Many countries wish to join the mega project CPEC but don’t hold the significant territorial advantage. Japan is another country that heeds over the CPEC and shows magnificent interest.

Defense Minister Pervez Khattak requested Japan to invest in the maritime and industrial and manufacturing sectors and to encourage trade activities through a collaborative partnership in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Speaking to Japanese Ambassador Kuninori Matsuda in Islamabad on Wednesday, he welcomed Japan’s collaborative efforts on Pakistan’s prosperity and growth.

In recognition of Japan’s role in fostering peace in the region in Afghanistan and South Asia, Pervez Khattak also emphasized that peace in South Asia is related to a peaceful resolution of the Kashmir dispute. The Defense Minister highlighted the longstanding close relations between Pakistan and Japan. Over the years, he has appreciated Japanese assistance for stability and growth in Pakistan.

He expressed the belief that Japan will help to establish economic activities in Pakistan through mutually advantageous participation in CPEC, as well as through investment in the maritime and industrial and manufacturing sectors.

The Minister also recommended the endeavors of the Japanese Government to ensure that Pakistan-Japan Politico-Military and Military dialogues were held on a regular basis, adding that such meetings were a concrete manifestation of both countries’ willingness to enhance mutual defense cooperation. He stated the potential for cooperation in the field of defense, and the need to improve the current level of projects in the area of defense.

The Japanese Ambassador promised that his government would seek new ways of mutual cooperation with Pakistan The Ambassador promised that his government would continue to support Pakistan.

If Japan invests in the maritime activities, industrial, manufacturing, and energy sector to foster Pakistan-Japan relations will be advantageous for Pakistan. This will not only foster the energy and industrial sector but will also bulge Pakistani claws for the regional hegemony and will earn Pakistan a significant position in Asia. Alliances with the two most powerful nations in the region will be beneficial to balance the crippling economy of Pakistan. The alliance with Japan will also add to the locomotive, automobile technology in Pakistan and will further enhance the arsenal and military weapons for Pakistan Military.

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